Lenox One-Blade
LENOX came to Modea with a simple goal, get our target audience "tradesmen" to register online for a free trial and tell the story arc of "Up-Blading" to LENOX reciprocal saw blades.
Oneblade.com did precisely that. In record numbers, this website was able to gain more conversions for LENOX reciprocal saw blades than any previous marketing effort.
LENOX blades are the most expensive on the market, but they have research-backed proof that their blades actually last longer than all other brands, saving tradesmen money in the long run. Once their target audience tries out the blades, they are often lifetime customers.
The lean team consisted of photographer, producer, writer, developer, art director and myself leading the creative vision as well as user experience and design execution. Our idea was to create a parallax website that integrated their Up-Blade campaign, manufacturing process and high quality range of saw blade products in order to educate the user. The story flows along the length of a LENOX blade keeping the product as the hero throughout the experience.
Creative Diretion
Paper Prototype
Content Production
Design Production
A series of short videos were produced to break down the complex selling points into easily digestible segments. Using a phantom camera to showcase the precise detail of the blades we were able to make these videos both compelling and entertaining. We also created an online tool called the "Blade Selector" to help the customers determine exactly which type of blade they would need for their custom jobs.
Through work on this project I was able to gain substantial personal growth acting in a lead role as creative director, user experience architect, and learning about emerging technologies in parallax and the power of the phantom camera.