Mizuno USA
Mizuno is well known with professional and serious athletes as a premium sporting equipment company with many passionate brand advocates, but their previous digital presence did not reflect this. The brand is unique in that it spans across many disparate sports all with individual target audiences. The goal of this project was to create a global ecommerce platform that could unite all of these distinctive brand attributes and audiences under a cohesive brand message that still allowed the individual sports to shine.
It was during this project that I found my passion for creating user centered digital projects that enrich people's lives. For the first time the goal wasn't to help a company sell something; our goal was to create a solution for our client that would actually make a difference in people's lives.
The content, structure and messaging of the previous Mizuno website needed to be completely overhauled. Our strategy and user experience team conducted primary research and a comprehensive audit of all Mizuno properties, both digital and traditional, in order to create a new digital brand position. The site architecture and wireframes were developed in a way that showcased Mizuno as an elite sports company.
Equipped with the brand strategy, content outline and page structure, the creative team went to work. We first set up photo and video shoots with their products and their celebrity endorsers. The footage from these shoots was used to create hero image composites that set the stage for the entire creative vision of the site. We then focused on the tone, layout, type and color schemes and wrote all editorial and product copy.
Photo Compositing
Photo Retouching
Content Production
The design and messaging was successful in creating a website that characterized the dramatic, technologically advanced and emotional nature of Mizuno's sports.
This effect was achieved through high contrast colors, intense shadowing in our hero images, content hierarchy and powerful copy.
The new website's site structure and user experience enhanced the buying of sports equipment, created a personalized experience and community for all individual audiences.
This led to passionate brand advocacy and loyalty.